Why should you visit #Prague – the city of a hundred spires? Let me tell you why..

There are so many reasons why you should visit beautiful Prague. There are the stunning baroque buildings, the beautiful Gothic churches, the medieval Astronomical Clock, the Charles Bridge and the lovely Vltava River to name a few.



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The Stay

The 29-room Art Nouveau Ventana Hotel Prague is perfectly located on the side of Old Town Square and within walking distance of all of the sights. Our room faced Old Town Square as well as  Tyn Cathedral. What a delight!


There is an old fashioned circular glass elevator in the center of the hotel that takes you to your room. Our room was large and well appointed, with a comfortable queen sized bed and big bathroom.

Breakfast was included in our room rate and offered everything you would want.

The front desk staff was professional, as well as helpful, and even allowed us a last minute late checkout. The bellhop was extremely helpful storing our luggage before our flight.

While walking the city, I stopped back at the hotel several times to rest, grab a sweater, check-in for our flight and charge my phone. That is how convenient this hotel is.


The Doorways of Prague

This year I discovered the doorways of Prague. I started out strolling through the back streets of town and was stopped in my tracks by the beauty of the city’s doorways. Every street held a new discovery.


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The Eats

What was everyone eating on the streets of Prague this summer? Trdelniks of course! Trdelnik stalls are everywhere – just follow your nose. These delicious pastries are made by wrapping pastry dough around a wooden or metal stick, then roasting them on an open flame until golden brown. After a generous dusting of cinnamon and sugar, these pastry delights are filled with fruit, ice cream, nuts, chocolate sauce or whipping cream – or all of the above. Yum!


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Svejk Restaurant is a traditional Czech restaurant that I happened upon while out exploring the city. Having been to several of the top rated restaurants in town (Kampa Park and Coda to name a few), I was looking for Czech comfort food and I found it here. I opted for outdoor seating and ordered the roasted duck, with white and red sauerkraut and homemade dumplings (potato, bread and Carlsbad). It was delicious.



Tip: If you need a coffee break while out touring the city – @Original_Coffee at Betlemska 12, has the best coffee in town. It is a 10 minute walk from Old Town Square – but you will be rewarded with a Czech coffee roaster who really knows how to roast beans.


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